Why our V5 EA/Robot for Mt4 and Mt5 is world best?

You can check our Last 3 year trade history. Every month it makes 18% to 20% profit in average.  There you will get many video there we everything. Maximum Drawdown or Max Floating negative Balance it face just 1578$ in last 3 years. So if you use 3500$ balance you will never lose. So this kind of result it can make if account balance is 3500$. So minimum Balance need: 3500$ to use this EA. Also If you Want you can Take a Free Demo Test of Our World Best Forex EA V5.



We use a very good strategy for this Forex Robot.



This EA have a proper plan about trading.



Our EA Work 100% automatic and works 24 hours 5 days.



Trade with low Drawdown and make profit constantly.

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