High Speed or High Frequency Forex Trading

PC/Laptop or VPS Server with Special Setup

For this kind of trading you cannot use normal PC/Laptop. With the Laptop/PC or VPS Server. We have to add some other device and software. We will arrange everything for you. We will setup a laptop or VPS for this trading and Send you by FedEx or DHL courier delivery services . You have to use only this laptop or VPS for trading.

Minimum Investment Capital & Broker Account Types

Minimum investment needs 15000$. If you invest More you can make more profit. For this kind of trading you cannot use normal Forex broker. For this you need a very low cost broker or Bank. Spread cost should be less than 4$ per standard lot (1.00 lot). We will arrange this for your Trading and also help you to open an account and get verification.

Three days Special Training

You need to take 3 days training from us to learn everything about this trading. In this training we will teach you everything about this trading system.

Pricing OF High Speed Forex trading

Total Cost: 4500 USD