EA V5 PRO 2020
Forex Robot
This Forex Robot Start journey Form 2016. Last 4 years we are using this robot in real account so it`s have 4 years trade history without losing. It can make 18% to 20% profit in a month upon your deposit. It can make profit everyday..

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EA V5 PRO 2020 Forex Robot Use Some very good & unique Trading System. Because of Some Special Trade management System it is Making Profits from 2016 to 2020 Without Any Loses.
  • We set a very strong Money Management System in this Forex Robot so you will never feel any risk in trading.
  • This EA can adjust LOT size upon Account Balance. So Small or Big balance both It can handle Properly.
  • This EA Always use Only 10% of Account Balance.   So EA V5 will trade full safely in your trading account. This Forex Robot Is not Like Other Forex Robot.
  • We set  Forex News Time Filter. So This EA do not trade in big news time.
  • EA V5  use Take Profit and Stop Lose properly. So any Big movement happens in the market this EA can close all Trade.
  • This EA also have emergency Close All Order System. If Market Price make any gape It can close all order Forcefully.
  • EA V5 Always trade with very Low Drawdown. In Last 4 years we never face big Drawdown With  This EA/Robot
  • This EA do not take unnecessary Trade. So it can avoid Simple loses.
  • This EA Also take pending Orders So it can wait for best price and Market Conditions.
  • Very Low Risk Trading
  • Low Drawdown
  • Make Profit Everyday
  • We will Give You EA/Robot with proper settings & money management  depends upon your account balance so you no need to worry about anythings.
  • MINIMUM BALANCE NEED 3500$ TO USE EA V5 PRO 2020 PROPERLY. For Standers or ECN or Raw Trading  Account.
  • There is not limits for maximum balance. If you want to manage big account like 100k or 500k .
  • 18% to 20% (Estimate) profit You can make in a month upon your deposit.
  • Some time it can close some order with Loses but you No need to worry Every End of the week in average you will get profit by EA V5 Forex Robot.
  • If Use 6 different System for Trading. So You can not close any order manually. If you close any Order Manually Then EA  Will not trade properly.
  • Yes you can Take 15 days Free Demo Test of Our World Best Forex EA V5 Forex Robot. We are 100% confident so we do not have any problem to give you free demo test. For Demo Test Visit DEMO TEST page. There you can take free 15 days demo test in your own Forex Demo account.
  • Go to Demo Test Page and Submit Tour Demo Account Details.
  • Do not worry about setup & EA settings. We will help you and teach you about Robot setup in your computer or VPS. If you face any problem no need to worry we will help you. Also we have full video and guideline about this EA setup. You will get PDF file and Video with full settings.
  • You need VPS for any kind of Forex auto Trading.
  • If you want  proper Result  from EA v5 you need VPS.
  • If you do not know what is VPS click here
  • We have also VPS services. You can use any company VPS.
  • Click Here for Visit this Page
  • You can check our Last 3 year trade history. Every month it makes 18% to 20% profit in average.  There you will get many video there we everything. Maximum Drawdown or Max Floating negative Balance it face just 1578$ in last 3 years. So if you use 3500$ balance you will never lose. So this kind of result it can make if account balance is 3500$. So minimum Balance need: 3500$ to use this EA. Also If you Want you can Take a Free Demo Test of Our World Best Forex EA V5.
Become successful and start make Profit In Forex.
EA V5 PRO 2020 IS Worlds Best Forex Robot for Mt4 & Mt5 Because This Robot use Proper Money & Risk Management & Very Good Trading Strategies.
EA V5 Pro 2020 Price is 450$ for Life Time

You will get 3 Licence. Its means 3 person can use it so you can share it with your friends and family. No need any Update for This EA. If we upgrade This EA V5 in future you will get it for Free.

Free Demo Test

We are fully confident with EA V5 Forex Robot. We are  confident with our EA V5 . We get this confident from our last 3 years Live trading experience & good back test result with EA V5. If you want you can also watch full trade history. Also If you want you can take a 15 days free demo test.

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Ten Benefits of use Forex EA, Robot Software
  1. 24/5 Trading.
  2. They Operate With No Fear, Greed or Ego
  3. Trading Robots Are Quick To Act on Opportunities
  4. Multitasking
  5. Set You Free to Do Other Things
  6. Trade without the Interference of Emotions
  7. Minimize Your Efforts of Forex Trading
  8. Keeps You Consistent Effortlessly
  9. Trading robots is also perfect for you if you trade as a side job and do not have much time to keep an eye on market price movements.
  10. You will also be facilitated by trading robots to gain profit in Forex trading, without the hassle of doing analysis in trading.
  11. You can also use the proper money and risk management by robot Trade.