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We have best FOREX traders team. We can make profit without taking risk. If you Copy our Trade to your Forex Account then it will be our responsibility to make your account profitable. Watch This Video for understand everything properly. There is no Hidden Terms and Conditions.

Why you need to copy our trade & Why FX SCHOOL is best for your Forex Trading?

We Trade Safely & always Follow Money Management.

We do not take risk in Forex trading because in Forex the Main Rules is

“Safe The Investment First”

We have More Than  7 Years Experience

For beginners it`s  hard to make profit. So If you copy our trade then you are safe from losing money.

In Forex Learning time you can make profit by Copy our trade.

You can learn from our trading because you can see our trade in your account.



Pay: 200$ = Get Profit: 500$

If you take this SILVER plan. You can copy our trade until your account make 500$ profit. After make 500$ profit then you have to renew plan again.

SILVER Plan: Make 500$ Profit


Pay: 400$ = Get Profit: 1200$

If you take this GOLD plan . You can copy our trade until your account make 1200$ profit. After make 1200$ profit then you have to renew plan again.

GOLD Plan: Make 1200$ Profit


Pay: 1000$ = Get Profit: 4000$

If you take this VIP plan. You can copy our trade until your account make 4000$ profit. After make 4000$ profit then you have to renew plan again.

VIP Plan: Make 4000$ Profit

Requirements For join.

# Some time we stop trade for Understand Forex Market properly or Wait for Good conditions of market. So if we stop trade for few days you can not Force us for trading. You have to understand we stop trader because we dont trader with risk and we do not want to lose money so we are waiting for perfect time for trading.

# This Info We needed To Connect Your Account
for Copy  Our Trade.

Mt4 or Mt5 Platform:
Broker name:
Mt4 Account number:
Mt4 Password:
Server :

# Minimum Balance Need: 1000$

# Maximum Balance: 30000$

# You can withdraw Your Profit any time.

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