What Is Multiple EA trading?

Multiple EA trading means: Trading with More Then One Robot  in one account. In Multiple EA trading we use  4  robots with our main Forex Robot EA V5. So there we use 5 EA all together. Before Published any thing new we use our real account for Trading & Testing .  Now 3 kind of trading system available in   FXSCHOOL


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We Use Latest technology In FOREX Trading

What Is SINGLE EA Trading?

Single EA trading means: One EA use in one account. In single EA trading we use our main Forex robot EA V5. EA V5 is our main Forex Robot. In single EA trading WE use only this Robot.

What Is High Speed or High Frequency Forex Trading?

High Speed or High Frequency Forex Trading is special kind of Trading Only For Forex Big Investor. Minimum Investment Need 15 to 20 thousand USD for doing this kind of Trading.